Company Profile


MiGadgets is a company which is obsessed with technology and how technology can become a productive element in one's daily life.

Its founder and design partners are industry experts having morethan 50 years of experience at the highest levels of global technology. This experience spans from IC design, product design, embedded design and global marketing.

We design most of our products in India and have them manufactured in India.

Our philosophy is make products that delight the customer with features that are world class at reasonable prices. We are transparent, we make no false claims, and offer products with better than market warranties.

Our core strength and focus areas are :

  • Automotive
  • Lifestyle IT
  • Wellness

The Automotive theme has seen the creation of the industry's best product offering of automotive accessories. Since more and more time is being spent on the road each MiGadgets product represents a core area such as working on the road, being entertained on the road, or being connected on the road.

The Lifestyle IT theme has MiGadgets offering products that allow the essence of portability and mobility to be enhanced.

Our Wellness theme is focused on products that improve a person's wellbeing.